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More than any other comet, the astonishing comet Wirtanen is surrounded by many secrets that have not yet been resolved, as it is only present in our environment for a very short time.
The beauty of this heavenly mystery gives this composition its name. It begins with a bouquet of citrus fruits, in which hints of Calabrian bergamot are combined with the delicate note of the ylang ylang flower from the Philippines and the power of the Bulgarian rose.
This head, intense and determined, lies on a complex and bubbly ground on which the freshness of the Indian black pepper is enhanced by a valuable mixture of two oud oils with different properties. The first is from Laos, the second from Cambodia. These are softened by the hypnotic suggestive power of the nocturnal jasmine and the extremely rare Himalayan peony and give the composition an echo of mystery and seduction.
The heart is based on a complex and ingenious basis on which the sweetness of caramel and Madagascar vanilla is surrounded by the intense scent of Indian sandalwood; combined with the seductive aura of the Terenzi library's famous blend of amber and musk. WIRTANEN is a composition with a strong and mysterious character that takes time to learn to appreciate.

Nevertheless, thanks to the balance of oud wood and caramel, the fragrance has the ability to seduce with the sweetness of a caress. A journey to the beauty of the infinite cosmos.

Bergamot, ylang-ylang, rose

Black pepper, oud from Laos, oud from Cambodia, jasmine, peony

Caramel, vanilla, sandalwood, amber and musk

The new COMETE collection opens a new chapter in the Tiziana Terenzi collection - thanks to its graceful design of transparency and color, precious gold and the finest Italian jewelry, for which Tiziana has always enjoyed international recognition.

The box, a treasure chest made of colored velvet that speaks of love and passion, is made entirely by hand.

The new collection is dedicated to the power of love that animates our daily actions. The power that shines in us as brightly as the tail of a comet, the reflection of which reverberates in the sky.

This product is an exclusive 5ml filling. For more information on the Tiziana Terenzi brand or the large bottle, please click here.

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