Uden Overdose - Eau de Parfum

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Uden Overdose captures the exact moment when the waves hit the cliffs with force, their blue melts with the rocks, they turn into foam to flow back into the sea. This is the moment when the scent of bergamot brings to mind the stories of the beautiful coasts of Italy and the incredible colors of the Italian sea. In the end, the contrast of coumarin and coffee notes unites the elements earth, air and water with the skin, and what remains is a scent like jumping into clear, cool water.

Lime, bergamot

Ginger, tobacco blossom, coffee

Amber, musk

The XERJOFF brand was created by Sergio Momo with the aim of mixing the most luxurious materials according to traditional craftsmanship in order to create fragrances that perfectly enrich and round off any exclusive lifestyle.

In avant-garde Bouquets of these distinguished fragrances are based on the time-honored recipes and traditions of the perfume metropolis Grasse, But they draw their inspiration from a fantastic natural wonder.
In 1947, the largest meteor shower ever hit the earth in frosty Siberia. A ball of fire lit the horizon before it shot far beyond the horizon. Millions of small pieces of meteorite have since been found.

This unique experience of nature inspired Xerjoff to create the Shooting Stars collection.

Every Xerjoff fragrance is a modern classic, carefully created by the best craftsmen in Europe and composed with the best raw essences in the world. The Shooting Stars collection has a fragrance for every mood, for every occasion. Each fragrance is filled in a heavy flacon made of Tuscan glass specially designed for XERJOFF, closed with a gold-plated cap and embedded in a luxurious leather gift box!

A small splinter from the meteor shower is also enclosed with each boxthe authenticity of which is certified by an enclosed certificate. A meteorite fragment is generally considered to be a lucky charm. Each fragrance from the collection also has a production number of the filled series, which is handwritten on the lid of the box.

Customer Reviews

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Önder Demir
Super fragrance

It is a fragrance that I personally like very much, the effect could still be smelled for 2 days.

Top for office, leisure

I like the Overdose better than the original Uden, a slightly bitter, more scratchy scent. Durability: Xerjoff typically TOP