Desert Day Collection - Golden Powder

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GOLDEN POWDER is the scent of the skin at the end of the day: a fever of optimism, a bouquet that blossoms with the gradual intensity of the daytime sun to inform our olfactory sense of the heat experienced, with woody, spicy notes from the Orient. It is the scent of a subtle golden powder that hugs those who venture out into the desert.  

Nutmeg, cinnamon

Virgin juniper, guaiac wood, papyrus, sandalwood

French labdanum, vanilla, musk, tobacco, coumarin

THoO is a journey into the contemporary world made up of art, painting, beauty, nature and life. Andrea Casotti's concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal collection of a visionary, street artist and perfumer: a chameleon-like discoverer of dynamics, colors and ingredients, with the extraordinary talent of turning every creation into a lively, luminous synthesis of different universes. ThoO captures the brilliant spirit of its founder breaking out of any preconceived form and adding originality to the path he follows on the map of creative freedom. The line blends life, experience and inspiration into a narrative of the future, and projects infinite synapse lines between painting, street art and thought. She talks to us about materials, the present, unexpected bouquets and chords made from raw materials that have never been explored before. 

Creative sensitivity overcomes the force of gravity exerted by established roles, plunges into life chances and carries countless drops of enthusiasm and the shiver of adventure on your skin.

ThoO interprets the beauty of discovering a different perspective every day, of living at a crossroads, listening and choosing your inner self before deciding which of these paths to take.
The DESERT DAY collection is an interpretation of time in the desert: an olfactory story spanning 24 hours in an elusive place in the world.

With the four fragrances in this collection, THE HOUSE OF OUD photographs the beauty of this wild terrain and the metamorphoses that it goes through during the day. In practice, this changes the perspectives that we normally experience when we observe the boundless horizons of the desert: from far to near. The magic of the spaces and emotions of the desert is brought to life by a new language of priceless details.