Klem Garden Collection - Dates Delight

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A homage to the fruit symbol of sweetness - in a composition that portrays falling in love. Through the eyes of the lover every figure softens, becomes unique and incomparably valuable. Velvety love lives in this fragrance with a sensual touch of passion.

A full bouquet of oud and the finest oil from tonka bean and spicy coumarin create an oriental fan. In the top note, carefully extracted ingredients from the peony and white lily rise. The fragrance ends with essences of sandalwood, peach and vanilla.
Dates Delight detonates the smell buds. The exclusively designed Eau de Parfum Spray combines the demands of aesthetics and design.
Riad date tea, peony

Caramel, coumarin, cinnamon, tonka bean

Powdered sugar, vanilla, labdanum, honey, benzoin, oud

THoO is a journey into the contemporary world made up of art, painting, beauty, nature and life. Andrea Casotti's concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal collection of a visionary, street artist and perfumer: a chameleon-like discoverer of dynamics, colors and ingredients, with the extraordinary talent of turning every creation into a lively, luminous synthesis of different universes. ThoO captures the brilliant spirit of its founder breaking out of any preconceived form and adding originality to the path he follows on the map of creative freedom. The line blends life, experience and inspiration into a narrative of the future, and projects infinite synapse lines between painting, street art and thought. She talks to us about materials, the present, unexpected bouquets and chords made from raw materials that have never been explored before. Creative sensitivity overcomes the force of gravity exerted by established roles, plunges into life opportunities and carries countless drops of enthusiasm and the shudder of adventure on your skin. 

ThO interprets the beauty of discovering a different perspective every day, living at a crossroads, listening and choosing your inner self before deciding which of these paths to take. 

KLEM GARDEN COLLECTION opens the door to a timeless garden. With the four fragrances in this collection, THE HOUSE OF OUD pays tribute to the seasons and the pleasures of the Arab world. The fruits ripen in the perfect geometry of nature and are offered as gifts: they turn into opportunities to be seized, visual and olfactory sensations so strong that they seem to be spoken aloud and the beauty of life better than any word describe.

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Klem Garden Collection - Dates Delight

The scent is just great!

Manfred Rath
The House of Oud ................... Klem Garden Collection Dates Daylight

A wonderful fragrance, a sweet, multi-faceted and long-lasting winter fragrance. The sweetness of honey and the
Vanilla and the date tea combined with the spicy components of the oud make the fragrance
a fragrance from 1000 and 1 nights that is sure to become a favorite to explode the senses
in the favor of moving in with me.