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One of the most fascinating cities in Italy is the extraordinary Florence. The city's rich history, traditions and beauty are expressed in the streets and breathtaking monuments. Every single brick of the old palaces exudes history and legends that cast a spell on visitors from the very first moment.

Florence has an absolute and unique sense of beauty like almost no other city in the world. The perfection of Michelangelo's David, Brunelleschi's cathedral or Giotto's bell tower. The "Spirito Fiorentino", "the Esprit of Florence", was now in a bottle, as red as the magical moon, is caught and exudes its beneficial magic.

The fragrance opens with a graceful bouquet of flowers, purple lily (the symbol of Florence) and jasmine, embraced by the power of Italian saffron and the freshness of oranges. The head is both rich and precious, resting on an intense heart of ylang ylang and magnolia. Aphrodisiac gray amber enhances the composition and is enveloped in the ethereal sweetness of lily of the valley.
In the best Tuscan tradition, the entire creation is based on precious and unique woods. Together with sandalwood we find birch and musk from the Terenzi library and the power of Tuscan leather, together with oak moss from the enchanted Apennines.

Everyone who knows Baccarat Rouge will love this fragrance!

Lily, orange, jasmine and saffron

Ylang ylang, magnolia, amber and lily of the valley

Oak moss, sandalwood, birch, Tuscan leather, musk and amber

The family company Cereria Terenzi Evelino, founded 45 years ago by Guglielmo Terenzi, paves the way for the perfume brand Tiziana Terenzi.
In the meantime, Guglielmo's grandsons Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi have inherited and swore to follow tradition and make no compromises in the production and selection of raw materials for the exquisite fragrances. 

It is essential to Tiziana Terenzi and her brother Paolo “to work in a serious, credible way, respecting people and our environment, using natural raw materials that do not endanger our health, and paying close attention to details dedicate.
"Every fragrance and every candle in our manufactory is a child of this family, which not only consists of me and Paolo, but of all people who share the troubles and joys of this work with the same love and dedication."

Customer Reviews

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Isis Ismail Reeck
I am very pleased

At first I wasn't sure whether the original fragrance would really arrive, but after a quick delivery I found out that it was a bottling of the original fragrance. I was very happy about it, because I didn't have the fragrance in the original size (100 ml) of almost 300 € could afford, and therefore still enjoy wearing my favorite fragrance from time to time.

Safwan Alrifai

I have to say, I'm not sure yet. But it may be that this fragrance could become one of my favorite fragrances.


A sensational perfume. A fragrance that I learned to love at the second glance. The first smell NO, later it became one of my favorites!