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“When a scandal occurs, heads turn and secrets are discovered. Everything is exposed as obstacles are overcome and boundaries tested. They hide or hug it. A real head-turner, Scandal opens with an exciting explosion of lemon, mint and lavender flirting with an unusual rhubarb note spread across a rich and sensual bed woven around the delicate nuances of tonka bean. You are tempted to do something that creates a scandal and it makes you talk about it. " - Red Dove

Lemon, bergamot, petitgrain, spearmint, lavender, basil, tarragon

Lily of the valley, Rose de Mai (Grasse rose), violet, jasmine

Rhubarb, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, moss notes, patchouli, vetiver, cedarwood, cashmere wood, sandalwood, tonka bean, labdanum, amber, musk

“'Scandal'is a classic barber shop style fragrance created for the discerning modern gentleman. It is a modern adaptation of the legendary Fougère structure, the freshest style of masculine perfumery. A lively citrus bang from lemon, bergamot and petitgrain gives an unusual rhubarb note an additional fruity tartness, while invigorating herbal notes take over the senses. Spearmint, lavender, basil and tarragon create the aromatic freshness, the natural properties of which are grounded by moss, patchouli and vetiver. The nuance of dark chocolate that the patchouli shows combines with the central note of tonka bean, whose rich, chocolatey tones balance the fresh heights of the herbs and spices. " - Red Dove

"Parfum Cologne is a highly original concentration that is as invigorating and refreshing as a classic Eau de Cologne but with all the quality and long-lasting intensity of an Eau de Parfum." - Red Dove

This product is an exclusive bottling. For more information about the Roja brand or the large bottle, please click here.

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Bernd Peters
The best of Roja, masculine Frontera, my favorite scent