Sharisme Insense - Eau de Parfum

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Sharisme Insense, the new men's fragrance by Rancé stands for longing for the foreign, for trips to distant countries, for adventure. Rancé 1795 were inspired by the promises of orientalism, its wanderlust and his desire for the exotic, its opulent, colorful messengers, the furnishings and fashion that were very popular in Napoleon's day when the fragrance was created.

The start of Sharisme Insensé is refreshing and cool: Tart bergamot, spicy contrasted by pepper, juicy-sour currants and woody-fruity juniper. A gentle breeze heralds from the nearby sea - and tells of gnarled trees and the lure of distant lands.
Hints of spices, leather and other treasures that have found their way across the sea warm the base and give off smoky sweetness. Raised incense envelops Sharisme Insensé and completes it character-defining.

Confident and sensual: Sharisme Insensé is a charismatic free spirit - and therefore the ideal companion for the modern adventurer.

Bergamot, frankincense, black pepper, clary sage, cassis, juniper berries

Lentisk, maritime pine, sea notes, leather

Patchouli, Virginia cedar, amber, vanilla, musk 

The fragrance house RANCÉ is today one of the world's oldest family-owned companies in the field of perfume production with more than four hundred years of tradition. With its eau de colognes, scented powders and air fresheners, the company from Grasse quickly became the favorite supplier of Napoleon and the French nobility. Francois RANCÉ, turned exclusively from 1795 to perfume production. With passionate veneration from Napoleon, the family dedicated many of their creations to him, as well as other great personalities of his time. The extraordinary success of these rich and harmonious fragrances, which set new impulses in perfume art, established the fame of RANCÉ.