Orion - Extrait de Parfum

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Orion is a spicy, intense perfume, strong and yet also delicate at the same time. The citrus bouquet makes it sparkling, in contrast to the sweetness of the pineapple and the rounded unity of the apple. All of this leads to a brilliant undertow of spicy balance, consisting of thyme and oregano.
When you wear it, a cool breeze swirls by and a memory of the exquisite woods accompanies us.

Terenzi: “As children, Tiziana and I spent our favorite time on hot, sunny summer days with our father Evelino, who often joined us on vacation trips in his sailing boat, which was made entirely of fragrant wood. Happy to discover and with shining eyes, we roamed the seas on this boat and got to know the infinite beauty of our beloved Italy. We set out in the middle of the night, accompanied by light breezes that exuded the happy scent of the Mediterranean "maquis" throughout the trip. Our father oriented himself to the stars and sailed confidently, while our grandfather Guglielmo made us aware of the mythical constellation of Orion. According to Greek mythology, Orion was killed by the sting of a scorpion. God Zeus then moved both of them to heaven, in such a way that the two opponents can never be seen in the sky together: When the constellation Scorpio rises in the east, Orion leaves the sky in the west. "

Cool notes with a hint of bergamot, red currant, apple, pineapple

Spicy aromas of patchouli, birch, jasmine, thyme

Frankincense, amber, oud, musk, cedar

The family company Cereria Terenzi Evelino, founded 45 years ago by Guglielmo Terenzi, paves the way for the perfume brand Tiziana Terenzi.
In the meantime, Guglielmo's grandsons Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi have inherited and swore to follow tradition and make no compromises in the production and selection of raw materials for the exquisite fragrances. 

It is essential to Tiziana Terenzi and her brother Paolo “to work in a serious, credible way, respecting people and our environment, using natural raw materials that do not endanger our health, and paying close attention to details dedicate.
"Every fragrance and every candle in our manufactory is a child of this family, which not only consists of me and Paolo, but of all people who share the troubles and joys of this work with the same love and dedication."

Customer Reviews

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Oliver Heubeck
Very good fragrance

The comparison with aventus, which has already been mentioned many times, does not need to be discussed again...
Orion just smells great...unfortunately I think the durability is a bit weaker...
Buy recommendation despite the high price??? Yes, if you want to stand out from others

Sasha Wepler
Feminine presentation, but masculine scent!

After Creed Aventus, and the constant comparison with it, I have now treated myself to a sample of Orion. Granted, there are parallels, but I like the Orion far better. The scent is much more authentic and doesn't look as synthetic as the Aventus. A real buy recommendation!

Stephen Ivanov

Amazing fragrance