Nero Nepal - Eau de Parfum

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With Nero Nepal, Giardino Benessere's olfactory voyage of discovery, dedicated to the fabulous 70s, continues - surrounded by the bright and cheerful colors of "Flower Power" and a life in harmony with nature and creation. Nero Nepal is a hypnotic fragrance with a decided aroma and strong character. Worn alone, it unfolds its entire seductive and aphrodisiac attraction. This is a milestone for those who like to make their own personal olfactory statements and create a unique, individual blend. Thanks to the countless combination options with all other fragrances in the Giardino Benessere collection, it is possible to implement your own personality and charisma in a fragrance.

Sorrento Lime, Rosemary & Black Cumin

Hemp leaves, opium poppies, black oud from Nepal & Gurjun balm

Cuban cedar, sandalwood, guaiac wood from the Antilles,
Amber & Red Patchouli

The Giardino Benessere Collection comes from the creative and visionary imagination of Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi.
The unique creations move outside the traditional way of thinking of perfume making and are free from social and commercial influences. They are designed as "wellness therapy" for the mind.

Giardino benessere
stands for a new concept of radical “chic luxury”: the collection preserves the traditional and concrete values ​​of nature - for perfumes that are not just worn but want to be lived in every breath. An intoxicating nectar that induces waves of well-being and positive emotions. Precious natural woods with strong personalities - an expression of old and particularly selective perfume production.

Worn alone, the wonderfully authentic character, inspired by nature, unfolds. Combined with each other, a noble and sublime fragrance is created. The fragrances in the collection can be combined with each other and create a new, personalized and unique fragrance with each combination.

The fragrances should Break with the past and open up new avenues of design research that not only focus on aesthetics, but rather take place on a familiar and evolutionary level. Not just a perfume that is worn, but a color palette that reflects a person's personality - a unique fragrance that expresses the mood of the person who creates it.
The olfactory harmonies can be mixed as desired by the conductor of the fragrance orchestra. Nothing is prefabricated in this opera, because true art lives exclusively in the personality of those who dare to be unique. Creativity wanders from perfumer to user - an unusual and yet so stimulating role reversal!

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Christopher Herrman
Black Afgano in cleaner

The Nero Nepal has a strong hemp note and looks very similar to the Black Afgano, especially at first glance. But it remains a bit more subtle and a bit fresher. Overall, however, it is still very spicy, resinous and dark. Very nice scent and a good alternative to the scent of Nasomatto. Especially at the price!