Real horn shaving brush with silver tip badger

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Exclusive shaving brush with real horn handle and pure silver-tipped badger hair. Mariella Martinato selects only the best bristles for the manufacture of the prestigious shaving brush. The brush tufts are tied together by hand before being glued together and trimmed before being attached to the handle. The difference is noticeable: By pressing lightly on the hairline, no glue ball, which is noticeable with most shaving brushes, can be felt. This special feature makes the brush softer and more pleasant to use. 

Original Handmade in Italy with unique handle colors.


Mariella Martinato founded the company in 1980 in Trebaseleghe, near Venice, after many years of experience in the fashion industry. From the beginning, the company was dedicated to the accessories sector and specialized in leather goods. In the first years of the company's founding, the company manufactured leather accessories exclusively for the most important international luxury brands. Based on this experience, her own corporate philosophy and past collaborations, Mariella Martinato began to design her own collections in the years to come. The company has succeeded in giving objects of daily use an innovative and special charm through creativity and an eye for details.
The collection of bags, cosmetic bags, pochettes and beauty cases has always been characterized by the careful selection of materials, the refinement of the shapes and the craftsmanship.

Mariella Martinato has always shown a unique talent for anticipating emerging trends and constantly refining its collection with colors and materials. With the transition to the next generation, the company is now developing new, innovative and exclusive lines of handcrafted accessories to complement its core business. 

Especially in the manufacturing process, Mariella Martinato continues to live the tradition and precisely controls every single work step internally, which continuously guarantees outstanding quality and precision. Mariella Martinato regularly cooperates with Italian artisans and manufactures high-quality luxury products, always maintaining their own values.
Mariella Martinato also applies the same standard when selecting cooperation partners and dealers Quality and exclusivity. The products can be found in the best department stores, perfumeries, concept stores and boutiques in many countries around the world. We are particularly proud to be able to offer the unique products in our shop.


In order to guarantee the special luxury and quality of Mariella Martinato products, the order for production in Italy is triggered with every order. Even if everyone involved in this process does their best, there are longer delivery times that can affect 2-3 weeks can amount to. Please plan this in your order. We can guarantee you one thing: The waiting time will be worth it in every respect. With the purchase of a Mariella Martinato product, you acquire a companion for eternity.