Kashnoir Black - Eau de Parfum

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The fragrance "Kashnoir" starts warm and bright and alternates different nuances of fresh citrus notes with deep lavender tones. This subtle start leads to a hypnotic heart that moves voDeveloped with passion over hours, created from an orange blossom absolute of the highest quality, combined with an oriental, velvety rose and a handful of coriander. The fragrance then literally explodes, revealing its sinful soul.

This "liaison dangereuse" is joined by the almond aroma of the heliotrope, the golden warmth of vanilla and benzoin, which rounds off the fragrance and makes it soft without being able to tame it. The finale rises in the glow of the most dangerous essence there is: patchouli.

Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender

Coriander, Rose, Orange Blossom

Patchouli, Benzoin, Heliotrope, Vanilla

Laboratorio Olfattivo is a project entirely dedicated to the art of perfumery. The brand offers an innovative fragrance collection in which artistic expression and the art of perfume making play the leading role. A constantly evolving workshop, animated by the perfumers who work with complete freedom, without any limitations on their creativity. We consider the workshop as a magical place where inspirations, ideas, visions and projects of the most versatile perfumers of our time come together and where creative sparks and dream images are transformed into fine fragrances by Laboratorio Olfattivo.

This company does not have rigid rules and advertising strategies, which in turn means that each creation can arise in a free space, solely from the perfumer's personal inspiration. Each fragrance has its own story and is therefore completely unique. It represents the creative and emotional expression of the artist's olfactory vision of beauty, history and nature. It is the perfumer's homage to the world of fragrance. These freely conceived creations have one thing in common - they evoke elegance and uniqueness, qualities that characterize the art of perfume more than anything else.

Laboratorio Olfattivo was born from the experience of artists and entrepreneurs who share their love for perfumes and who have been working in the field of artists' perfumes for many years. With this wealth of experience behind them, they decided to breathe new life into this sector through unique and artistic perfumes, thereby emphasizing the importance of the best quality in production and distribution.

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Surprisingly good

I was surprised how good I found the scent, especially since that's not normally my direction. But the scent totally won me over