Interlude Man - Eau de Parfum

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A moment - an interlude is a musical interlude between two opera scenes. Similarly, Interlude is about a moment of pause in our busy everyday life. Myrrh and frankincense form the heart of the fragrances and create an olfactory field of tension that is transformed into perfect harmony.
A dramatic moment forms the prelude to a fragrance whose warm, balsamic heart notes quickly transform into perfect harmony. Myrrh and frankincense play with the dimensions of space and time. It is the purity, rarity and authenticity of the raw materials that will be remembered forever.

Bergamot, oregano, allspice berry oil

Amber, frankincense, rockrose, opoponax

Leather, oud, patchouli, sandalwood

Luxury, sensuality and elegance - Amouage, these are unique fragrances that smell of seduction and sophistication, that touch the senses and the soul in equal measure. Precious and extraordinary! Amouage are masterpieces of perfume art whose opulent olfactory beauty spans space and time.

The fragrances of the House of Amouage have stood for the wonderful heritage and the great history of perfumery for over 30 years. The fragrances are created like stories. They reflect great feelings and emotions. At Amouage, perfume is not just perfume - each one is an incomparable work of art. The perfume house, which is internationally oriented in every respect, enjoys worldwide fame for its distinctive and luxurious creations that set new standards. Amouage stands for masterpieces of the art of perfume, in which the most talented and passionate perfumers in the world combine exquisite ingredients into magical fragrance creations whose opulent olfactory beauty spans space and time.
The name Amouage was chosen very carefully. Although it sounds French, it is a purely conceptual term, which is composed on the one hand from the Arabic expression "amwaj", which means something like wave, and on the other hand from the French word for love, "amour".
In a figurative sense, Amouage can be translated as “a wave of emotions”.
The timelessly modern bottles are reminiscent of the company's roots. The design of the men's bottles is inspired by the handle of the famous "Khanjar", the traditional Arabic dagger that is depicted in the coat of arms of the national flag of Oman.
The factory, as well as the head office and a visitor exhibition, are located near Muscat; the capital of Oman.

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