Hale Bopp - Extrait de Parfum

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The comet Hale Bopp is one of the brightest that has ever appeared in the night sky. Every time it passes our section of the vault of heaven, it brings happiness and amazing events with it, just like the fragrance composition it inspired.
The fragrance unfolds with an irreverent top note, thanks to the sharp spice composition in which nutmegs from the Moluccas and cinnamon from Sri Lanka are whipped up by the energizing power of the bitter, Sicilian lemon.
The innovative head rests on a strong and wild heart in which the hints of African geranium in combination with Tuscan sage can be felt. He is supported by the royal power of red patchouli from India and vanilla from Tahiti.
This combination, which results in a lush heart with a limitless bouquet, lies on an imposing base, which is the true center of the composition. The majestic, gentle power of Indonesian sandalwood and Tuscan musk combined with valuable ambergris from the famous Terenzi library, emphasized and supported by musk and laudanum, guarantees a fragrance path of extraordinary duration. Thanks to the powerful, aphrodisiac scent of gray amber mixed with pure musk from the old olfactory Terenzi library, HALE BOPP is a luminous creation that wraps around you like a warm cashmere scarf and unites those who know how to wear the scent in style gives irresistible and regal charm.

Nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon

Geranium, sage, patchouli, Tahitian vanilla

Sandalwood, musk, ambergris, laudanum and musk

The new COMETE collection opens a new chapter in the Tiziana Terenzi collection - thanks to its graceful design of transparency and color, precious gold and the finest Italian jewelry, for which Tiziana has always enjoyed international recognition.

The box, a treasure chest made of colored velvet that speaks of love and passion, is made entirely by hand.

The new collection is dedicated to the power of love that animates our daily actions. The power that shines in us as brightly as the tail of a comet, the reflection of which reverberates in the sky.

The family company Cereria Terenzi Evelino, founded 45 years ago by Guglielmo Terenzi, paves the way for the perfume brand Tiziana Terenzi.
In the meantime, Guglielmo's grandsons Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi have inherited and swore to follow tradition and make no compromises in the production and selection of raw materials for the exquisite fragrances. 

It is essential to Tiziana Terenzi and her brother Paolo “to work in a serious, credible way, respecting people and our environment, using natural raw materials that do not endanger our health, and paying close attention to details dedicate.
"Every fragrance and every candle in our manufactory is a child of this family, which not only consists of me and Paolo, but of all people who share the troubles and joys of this work with the same love and dedication."

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Perfect fragrance

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