Giallo Elicriso - Eau de Parfum - Bottling

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The eastern Adriatic coast with its numerous islands is one of the favorite destinations of Elisa Gera, the soul of the ACCA KAPPA company. The landscape on the islands and peninsulas is wild and dreamy in every season and tempts you to take long walks between vines, olive, almond and isolated fig trees through the exuberant Mediterranean maquis. The perfumers at ACCA KAPPA created the fragrance from the flowers of the straw flower *, the lemon-lemon "diamante", from violet leaves, white pepper, nutmeg, cedarwood and vetiver GIALLO ELICRISO, a perfume with a masculine note that signals vitality and sensuality and conjures up the magic of the Mediterranean.

* Italian straw flower (helichrysum italicum), whose name is derived from the Greek nouns Helios (sun) and hrysos (gold).

Cedrat - aquatic notes - violet leaves

Italian straw flower - white pepper - nutmeg

Cedarwood - Vetiver - Benzoin

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