Flashback - Eau de Parfum

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A constant reminder in action: that too is the magic and the raison d'être of the FLASHBACK perfume. A bitter, vibrant scent, FLASHBACK is a smell reminder: The choice of tart rhubarb and hesperides mixed with green are combined with the beguiling scent of childhood, the rhubarb cake. A base of vetiver and cedar gives it a woody sensuality.

Rhubarb, grapefruit, orange

Pink pepper, Granny Smith apple

Vetiver, cedar, amber, musk

Olfactive Studio is the meeting of contemporary art photography and perfumery, of the eye and the nose. Olfactive Studio is at the crossroads of a photo studio and a studio for fragrance creations. For the first time, perfumers and photographers meet and be inspired by their work. They sense the images in order to grasp their essence.
The photography and the scent capture the moment and let us relive past experiences. Imagine a sensory, intimate and poetic connection between the images and smells that brings the passage of time into harmony. The “samples of the perfumers” born from the spontaneous and free emotions of the perfumers, who have free play in relation to photography, prove the authentic fragrance concept. Original fragrance creations, never noticed, with a strong personality, made from beautiful raw materials and with concentrations at Eau de Parfum (15 to 18%) without price restrictions. This unexpected alchemy develops an elegant and remote modernity.

Olfactive Studio draws a rare fragrance world, with a strong and different personality, a world of intuition and emotions. Talented perfumers and photographers have developed the perfumes Autoportrait, Chambre Noire, Flash Back (2013) and the new product 2016: Woody Mood.

Olfactive Studio was launched in Paris in September 2011 and is enjoying great success in more than 30 countries on all continents. Long live the artistic intuition, the joy and the desire to create, the quality and the generosity.

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A very fresh and pleasant youthful fragrance for hobbies and leisure. Exactly the right thing for me