Amber Nera - Eau de Parfum

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Schwarzes gold - AMBRA NERA bows to one of the most precious ingredients known to perfumery, ambergris. The scent oscillates between cool eucalyptus nobility and balsamic warmth, revealing a wonderful heart: opulent and warm ambergris on deliciously creamy vanilla, with a hint of smoky. This heart is carried by fine woods, salty vetiver and profound patchouli. A contemporary oriental, complex, expressive and unique, one of the best Ambra fragrances on the market and a modern classic.


Vanilla, cypress

Amber, benzeoharz, vetiver, patchouli

The name Farmacia SS. Annunziata suggests a Christian background - it owes it to the insignia above the entrance door of the associated pharmacy, a representation of the Annunciation, which probably dates from the 18th century. The interior, which can be admired in the Farmacia to this day, also originated in this period. On the dark wooden shelves you can see decorative apothecary jugs from the 18th century. The pharmacy is owned by the Azzerlini family, who have been running it for three generations. In keeping with tradition, the Farmacia SS. Annunziata company still produces skin and body care products, for which the pharmacy has been known for centuries, as well as shaving accessories and fragrances, all made from high-quality and exquisite ingredients using the latest technology. This creates wonderful fragrance compositions full of a sense of tradition, which are enjoyed by a constantly growing, worldwide community of lovers. In collaboration with renowned perfumers such as Carmen Grillini, Marie Duchêne and Luca Maffei, irresistible fragrances are created that are full of surprises.