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“Elysium - few have the ability to make this dream a reality. Only the heroic and virtuous are destined to achieve what they desire in life. Therefore, every ingredient in this fragrance was chosen to trace this rare strength of character. Legends of perfumery such as vetiver, ambergris and leather come together in this elixir of pure courage - a fragrance created for a man who needs no help to find his Elysium, his paradise. " - Red Dove

Lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lime, lavender, thyme, artemisia, musk

Lily of the valley, Rose de Mai (Grasse rose), apple, black currant, jasmine

Galbanum, pink pepper, Nagarmotha oil, vetiver, cedarwood, juniper berry, benzoin, vanilla, labdanum, leather, amber, musk

“'Elysium'is a fragrance that attracts the world with its charm. He exudes the perfect balance between relaxed lightness and sophisticated strength of character. This creation begins with a distinctive freshness that lasts all day: A bang of freshness from citrus and herbal notes is reinforced by an innovative musk top note, which gives 'weightlessness'. A juicy dash of apple, black currant and juniper continue this lively character, which then dries off into a base of extreme depth and masculinity. Pink pepper, an icon in the world of masculine perfumery, resonates throughout, while a dominant cedar wood note transforms the whole thing into a remarkably fresh, woody fragrance. Deep in the base there is a touch of sensuality that creates a seductive masculinity. " - Red Dove

"Parfum Cologne is a highly original concentration that is as invigorating and refreshing as a classic Eau de Cologne but with all the quality and long-lasting intensity of an Eau de Parfum." - Red Dove

This product is an exclusive bottling. For more information about the Roja brand or the large bottle, please click here.

Customer Reviews

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Good transaction

Product arrived intact and the scent is very good. Delivery time a bit long. Would order again anytime

Olivier Arnold
Very fresh scent

Likes the citrus-pepper note very much, is well received, shelf life could be a bit better, but otherwise a very solid fragrance

Dennis Balzhauser
Citrus bomb

The best citrus scent I know and yet it smells very intense and masculine.