Lime-shaving cream

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Castle Forbes Lime Shaving Cream makes shaving a real pleasure thanks to the wonderful scent of fresh limes.

Castle Forbes was built in 1815 by the 17th Lord Forbes. He was the Scottish lord and head of the clan. Malcolm Forbes, the Master of Forbes, and his wife were inspired by the beauty of the land that surrounds the castle, by the plants and flowers that thrive in the highlands, to create a collection of fragrances that tell history in the castle's own perfumery empathize with the clan.



The Forbes clan can look back on an impressive family history, which can be traced back to the 12th century to that John Forbes, who already owned his lands in Aberdeenshire. The current Forbes castle was built in 1815 by the 17th Lord Forbes near the River Don and has an excellent view of the property belonging to it. Today his descendant Malcolm, now Lord Forbes, resides there with his wife Jinny. 
In addition to the opportunity for vacationers to spend a few days in this illustrious environment, the Forbes have even more to offer: their own perfume factory. This was created in 1996 out of Jeanny's love for fragrances and was realized together with a friend of the house, the perfumer Andrew French in the former dairy of the castle. It is a small but fine range of handmade fragrances that pay tribute to their Scottish origins in their packaging. Wrapped in typical tartan patterns and decorated with the Forbes family coat of arms, the deer head, they bring us a little bit of Scotland close.

The Castle Forbes Collection is produced in what is probably the world's smallest perfume factory, on Castle Forbes, built by the descendants of the first Lord of Scotland in 1815. Inspired by the scents of the Scottish Highlands that surround the castle, the manufactory creates exclusively hand-made, characterful colognes and care accessories on a purely natural basis, which trace the history of the clan.