Bois Precious - Extrait de Parfum

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Bois Precious is a precious perfume that is based on a special ingredient: Florentine Iris. The perfume has a woody mood of iris powder, ambergris, myrtle and a musky base sweetened with honey. The end result is a warm and mysterious perfume.

Cypress, iris, juniper berry

Myrtle, patchouli, woody notes, resinous notes


Musk, leather, gray amber, honey, vanilla

This is the beginning of a fantastic Italian story, one that is always loved to be heard: In the 50s, Mr Nappo opened a small shop in the Naples region and added a laboratory for essential oils. Imagination and glamor, typical expression of the Neapolitan people, allowed Mr. Nappo to prosper. His son Luigi grew up in this creative atmosphere. 
With great curiosity and a creative spirit, he was enthusiastic about his father's work, but also about the great literary, adventurous masterpieces. Among other things, for the most exotic and exciting Salgari. As an adult, after taking over his father's business, he created his perfume line. He launched his brand in his own way of giving shape to emotions, as imaginative journeys to magnificent places, through great adventure novels.
Finding the right fragrance nuance in transforming your feelings is never easy, but ArteOlfatto is a success in this regard. The “fragrant” path focuses in a key element for each creation, better than others, on the emotions that idealized places evoke by literature.