Birch - Eau de Parfum - 10ml case

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A touch of bergamot opens Birch, soothes the spicy notes and brings sensuality and softness. However, this fragrance is all about the rich, gentle wood notes such as guaiac, with a hint of pink pepper providing the nuance and the final kick.

Birch is a family hut hidden in the arctic tundra, where campfires burn under the midnight sun and tomorrow's day is a million kilometers away. While she was working on her latest Birch fragrance, Maack moved to her family's wooden hut, a haven hidden in the Icelandic highlands. Originally built by her grandfather in the 50s, she spent most of her summer time there as a child, breathing in the scent of the birch trees that surround the hut.

Bergamot, ginger

Guaiac wood

Patchouli, musk

Insert the glass bottle into the top opening of the hard case. The spray head can then be retracted or extended by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise. To protect the glass bottle, it is better to close the case after use.
To change the scent, simply turn on the spray head, carefully pull the old glass bottle out of the case and replace it with the new bottle.

- Matt black hard case with a minimalist look
- A 10ml glass flacon with the appropriate fragrance
- Card with information about your fragrance

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