Coven - Eau de Parfum

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Coven embodies the deep green, mossy and earthy Icelandic nature. Coven is raw with a deep, earthy note that nudges this scent to the top and eventually oozes into oak moss and green grass. The fragrance has a powerful, distinctive and resinous presence.

Coven is inspired by a work by the artist that is deeply rooted in her early fascination with the mysterious dark corridors of the supernatural world, a journey through the mysteries and enchants of the forest.

Vanilla, galbanum

Cedarwood, oak moss

Galbanum, clove

ANDREA MAACK, by Icelandic artist Andrea Maack, was born through a series of fragrance art exhibitions and launched with an art installation titled "Eau de Parfum". All fragrances in the collection have been developed with a unique artistic approach using the highest quality raw materials and embody elements of Maack's travels, artistic explorations and her deep relationship with her home country Iceland. Approaching the world of perfumery with a fresh vision, the visual artist works closely with outstanding perfumers, including some well-known noses like Alienore Massente, Celine Ripert and Julien Rasquinet.