Black shaving set with synthetic fibers and Gillette® Mach3® razors

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Very elegant black ACCA KAPPA Barber Shop shaving set with shaving brush and Gillette® Mach3® razor. ACCA KAPPA has always committed itself to environmental protection and sustainable development. The combination of wood and plastic gives the innovative shaving set a natural style that is 45% of vegetable origin. The bristles of the brush are vegan and made from synthetic fiber.

The brand ACCA KAPPA is a luxurious niche brand and belongs to the market segment of traditional as well as modern, creative companies. The discerning consumer appreciates ACCA KAPPA for the outstanding quality of the products and the ingredients and materials used, but also the modern and clear Italian design.

Care, passion and tradition for 140 years. This shapes the history of ACCA KAPPA. In 1869 the young Prussian merchant Hermann Krüll decided in Treviso, near Venice, to open the brush factory “H. Krüll & Co. ”. It was no accident that he chose Venice. At that time, the port of Venice was known for importing the finest raw materials from China, which were needed to manufacture fine brushes. 
The ACCA KAPPA brand developed from Hermann Krüll's initials - the Italian pronunciation of "H" and "K". The ACCA KAPPA brand has always symbolized the values ​​of a family company and high-quality products made from natural materials of the highest quality. Hairbrushes, shaving brushes and personal care products are still produced today in the factory building in Treviso, which is now a listed building.