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40 Knots is the water sports club and departure point for a sailing trip on the waters of the Mediterranean. This timeless and at the same time original interpretation allows the feeling of freedom on a sailing boat and contemplations over the Mediterranean to flow into one another. Time does not matter and the flavors and currents of this extraordinary sea carry you forward.
What a festival of colors, light and mysteries! The beginning of 40 knots is determined by a chord that is as light as the fresh breeze on the high seas. At the same time, there is a delicate note that is slightly salty and green. It is sparkling, exciting and promising. The heart is made up of different wood notes, which subtly contrast the fresher chords. The comfortably warm sea breeze continues in the base of the fragrance. Cedar wood grounds the fresh notes and creates a relaxed sunset mood.

40 Knots captures a whole day on a wonderful yacht: from the auspicious morning to the romantic evening hours. A Mediterranean wealth with a natural beauty, vibrancy and abundance of secrets from a legendary sea.

This product is an exclusive bottling. For more information on the Xerjoff brand or the large bottle, please click here.


Customer Reviews

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It's OK

It's OK. But not my scent.

Beast mode

The projection or sillage is out of the universe. Very cool scent and the honey note together with the salty wonderful.
Blind buy recommendation

Cathleen Schoch

I remember him differently, very intense but good.