The world of luxury and niche perfumes is diverse. Often you have more than just one fragrance in your repertoire - depending on the occasion, time of year or personal preferences. But anyone who travels a lot will know it: You don't want to go without your favorite brand (s), but your case is already too full to take the whole bottle with you. Even in everyday life, regularly adding the perfume ensures that you do not lose your scent aura and leave a lasting impression - no matter where you are.

With our new, minimalist Twist & Spray Hardcase in matt black, you can now take your favorite fragrances with you everywhere. Get our classics & bestsellers as a 10 ml variant - a timeless accessory included. 

Insert the glass bottle into the top opening of the hard case. The spray head can then be retracted or extended by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise. To protect the glass bottle, it is better to close the case after use.

To change the scent, simply turn on the spray head, carefully pull the old glass bottle out of the case and replace it with the new bottle.