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Nice fragrance

Intense fragrance - very personal

The scent is something special - you don't smell it everywhere. After application, it is very intense - but really lasts for hours. Therefore, I would advise applying the fragrance 1 hour before you want to leave the house. Then it's perfect!

Just a great fragrance! 10/10

It is very easy to explain why I only wrote a “great” and not “unique” fragrance.

As usual from other Xerjoffs, the quality is really extremely good. All components smell very high quality and play together perfectly for an excellent fragrance experience.

When I applied the scent for the first time (blind buy), it reminded me of a different perfume or a scent that I had smelled before. I really wondered where I could get the connection to Naxos from.
Without further ado, I went to my perfume shelf and found an older EDT from CARLO COLUCCI. The "DCCLIII".

And believe me, it smells almost exactly like Xerjoff's Naxos in the opening. So if you want a "cheaper" but not a projection beastmode perfume that actually smells like a twin, I can recommend it. It looks much sweeter than the Xerjoff Naxos, for example, because the honey is missing and it is therefore not as nice and creamy / mild.

But in summary: My absolute favorite, especially now in winter, and in my opinion also like to wear on nice summer evenings. Simply a fragrance that you always want to have around you. Shelf life for me around 10 hours plus! And the sillage is just brutal but not too intrusive - a compliment catcher.
This is my friends: XERJOFF NAXOS!

Amazing fragrance

1861 Naxos - Eau de Parfum
Marcus Leimeister
Dreamy fragrance

The scent is my absolute favorite at the moment. Very long lasting and complex. And the ladies obviously like it a lot too... Flacon and box are also outstanding. Fun and worth the price.

Oceania - Perfume pour Homme
Bulut Serkan Coban

Good summer fragrance.

Very nice fragrance. Not too pushy. For sporty or festive occasions.

very good

Absolute hit

I ordered the bottlings for my friend and I have to say an absolute hit
a shining apparition in these dark times he will definitely use it like a rarity
and only wear it on certain occasions. It's just a shame that the 30 ml is not available would be a fantastic one
Appendage gift for Christmas.

Am satisfied. I love jasmine ❤️


Strong macanter fragrance. Woody, smoky, strict. Goes well with winter time.



Good transaction

Product arrived intact and the scent is very good. Delivery time a bit long. Would order again anytime

A neat, fresh summer fragrance. I like it. ☺️

Similar to the Elysium Cologne only more finely woven, deeper and more complex. My signature scent.

Very good fragrance

It is a very good fresh masculine fragrance


pleasant scent, unfortunately does not last as long as other perfumes

Very good smell

Excellent fragrance, also, as I notice, longer-lasting. The clothes you wear keep it up for a long time. That's when you first recognize the elegant scent.
What is important is that people like it can still afford it

Nice fragrance

Really nicer and lasts a long time
Inscription what it should and I really like it


Very nice smell, I ordered a bottling first. The very first spray has already convinced me. In the meantime I had the feeling that this perfume is more for men but by no means. But it's very feminine for both of them. You don't smell like everyone else and the scent has everything you need, sweet, woody, oriental, fresh, fruity, powdery. Just great. You just have to apply it and let it fade onto your skin and clothing. Great unfolding because it is applied pure on the wrist after fresh application there is not the actual scent that surrounds you the whole day. He really keeps taking a shower !! I don't have any other that lasts like that. Very noble for the self-confident woman. Thanks for the fast delivery. SUPER SERVICE at Understateman

Elegant and Nice. Top

I can really recommend it

Sexy the scent. Fresh!

Always my pleasure. Top

The scent is too sexy

Always easy!

Everything as described! Top!

Very good.


pleasant scent, but does not last as long as higher quality perfumes.
Understateman had a good, very good idea with the test fillings.