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The scent is super nice.

Nero Nepal - Eau de Parfum
Christopher Herrman
Black Afgano in cleaner

The Nero Nepal has a strong hemp note and looks very similar to the Black Afgano, especially at first glance. But it remains a bit more subtle and a bit fresher. Overall, however, it is still very spicy, resinous and dark. Very nice scent and a good alternative to the scent of Nasomatto. Especially at the price!

Super fragrance

Smells great and lasts a long time! Definitely worth buying

perfect !!!

Awesome scent!

I have the scent "Soprano" - smells fruity, looks unique, lasts a long time, very expensive but is worth the money.

Unusual. Floral - sweet and slightly smoky?! Not for every day!

Very pleasant, oriental fragrance for men. Slightly flavorful and lasts a long time.

often different

a fragrance that is unique
that I can't compare

Very pleasant scent

Super gut

best fragrance

Absolutely the best fragrance 🥰 my wife is just as in love as me and wears it herself 🫣
Worth every penny.

Very good, pleasantly subtle scent. I'm missing something "boom"

Everything great.

i love this smell

Laylati - Eau de Parfum - Bottling
Susanne Horstmann-Ortmans
Fast delivery of the product.

Very good. only the price is
unfortunately too high.

Alles bestens

Top goods, fast shipping. Lovely again


A dream

Simply outstanding, incomparable this fragrance. Just a small splash is enough to sink into the scent

Awesome perfume

Really great scent. I ordered a bottling but am considering buying the fragrance.

Always my pleasure

Great idea, so I can now and then buy my favorite fragrance.




Alexandria 2 is an excellent fragrance. You notice the difference between designer and niche fragrances. The quality of this fragrance is outstanding. However, the price is very high, but considering the amount needed, it takes time to use up the entire bottle. The price might be worth it. The danger is that this fragrance is so good that you use it every day will.

Nice but not great

I like it but not to the point that makes me buy a full bottle, on the other hand the service is awesome and I will definitely buy other samples.


The product is mystical, extraordinary, seductive, long-lasting. I would like to inhale it

Really awesome perfume

Really HOT perfume!!!
Lasts extremely long and the scent is just heavenly.
Very very good quality.
Great perfume too.

I find it very good

I like it. my direction