Understateman is the exclusive style finish for confident men who have a taste for quality of scents and grooming who appreciate the power of the understated and refuse mainstream

Understateman is our definition of individuality. Every brand and every item in our shop was selected in close cooperation with the manufacturers. Our own experience plays a central role in this: Because every single product - whether a classic or a rarity - is one of our personal favorites. We would like to share our passion for selective perfumes and care products with like-minded people and are continuously working on expanding our portfolio.

In today’s world, more and more men put emphasis on an individual style, investing a lot of money, time and effort – in clothes and accessories, obviously. However, when it comes to scents and grooming, exclusivity seems to be rather irrelevant as mainstream products dominate most cabinets. A lot of men underestimate the power of a carefully selected fragrance: A scent is like the character of an individual. It is not visual in the first place but will make the first – and lasting – impression on your counterpart. In fact, style cannot be expressed solely through an outfit but should be complemented with a scent that has been selected with the same level of attention.


We pursue a mission with our products: they should always leave a lasting impression!
With your counterpart - with an individual fragrance or a particularly well-groomed appearance. But you too will be persuaded of the carefully selected care products, perfumes and accessories. Because you share the vision of an understateman.

[Uhn-der-steyt-man ] (noun)
A man who values ​​modest elegance, who is aware of its enormous appeal and who doesn't have to prove anything to anyone but himself. Someone who has an extraordinary sense of niche fragrances and premium care products and puts individuality before mainstream in every respect.

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    We are Yannick and Mudasar - the founders behind Understateman. After many years in business consulting and thus numerous conversations with real personalities, we found that our private passion for niche perfumes and premium care products is shared by many like-minded people. So we decided to create a platform that exclusively concentrates on the tastes and needs of the modern man.

    Our personal commitment is to build a lifestyle community for fragrance seekers and lovers. Timeless care products and exclusive niche perfumes should no longer be the forgotten details - we want to inspire all men for the world beyond the mainstream and help them always make a lasting impression.