Voyage Collection - Oud Sapphire - bottling

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In the heart of Madagascar, in the village of Ilakaka, a young miner squeezes into a tiny tunnel every day that is just as wide as his shoulders. There he digs with his bare hands in search of the blue gem that will change his life, driven by one wish: he wants to give the stone to the girl he loves. It is her perfume that makes him determined and brave during these long and lonely hours. And when he finally finds the sapphire he's been looking for all his life, he runs to her house to give her this treasure.

The composition is an olfactory poem: it is reminiscent of the smell of roses, of wind, of female skin. The bouquet opens with notes of violets, a symbol of young and blooming feelings, and with notes of roses that represent a more mature love. The base is a slightly smoky ceremony that celebrates the depth of oud and the magical place where the gem of history was found.



Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose

Oud, benzoin, vanilla

This product is an exclusive bottling. For more information on the Blend Oud brand or the large bottle, please click here.