Oro 1920 - Eau de Parfum - Bottling

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A perfume full of energy and depth with a mystical attraction. “Oro” is an exemplary creation that unites the values ​​of the Florentines and the history of the Galardi family, which has committed itself to tradition and the highest level of perfection as the values ​​of its manufacturing studio.
With the use of natural and pure ingredients, "Oro" shows its respect for the roots of perfumery.

This fragrance is strong and deep, sometimes dark and so magnetic. A mix of elegant shades of ginger and incense. They are touches that are intensified by sparks of fruity raspberry. Aromatic and with the perception of guaiac woods that merge into Florentine irises and May roses. Osmanthus and Oponax give the fragrance a balsamic effect and in the deep the deep notes of resin, vanilla and the full power of the leather, symbol of class and durability. A perfume like liquid gold, unique.

Raspberry, ginger, incense, balsam - fir

Rose, iris, guaiac wood, osmanthus

Benzoin, leather, vanilla, beeswax, tobacco

This product is an exclusive bottling. For more information on the Bois 1920 brand or the large bottle, please click here.