Classic Collection - Mazyon

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MAZYON is the symbol of inspiration and creativity. A fragrance inspired by the artistic genius, which is expressed through sculpture and painting, music or dance. In such a soul, the idiosyncrasy is a sign of joie de vivre, ingenuity and the ability to create beauty. 

Arabic jasmine

Cashmeran, eucalyptus

Amber, white musk, oud

The Classic Collection embodies the spirituality and deep origins that are required to create a fragrance. 
The tall and slim shape of the bottle is inspired by the noble and tall agarwood tree, the relief of the bottles is reminiscent of the protective bark. 
BLEND OUD is a tribute to the ancient Arabic tradition of mixing: the art of combining valuable oils in search of the perfect fragrance. Both the name and identity of the brand represent a knowledge of this ancient art that goes back thousands of years. 
BLEND OUD is inspired by the traditional gestures of Arab master perfumers, who mixed the most extraordinary raw materials with precision and patience, and thus brought a fascinating olfactory culture to life.