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Power fruit cocktail

Pure power!!!
Slightly powdery
Fruity sweet fresh all at once
The scent was too strong for my girlfriend

I like him very much!

Pure mint sticks

Must like it like smelling directly on a mint stem

I like it

Yummy honey!

A good sweet honey scent!

Fresh smell

The scent has something, but there is also something in the undertone that I don't like so much

Ordered a perfume sample

Very fast delivery, everything is fine, would order again at any time.

Black Hashish - Extrait de Parfum
Purchased new from the Understatement Store
Black Hashish

An extremely successful solution to test a fragrance. The scent is long-lasting, even after a shower.

Pure Herb

This fragrance was recommended to me and I wanted to try it first. That's why I ordered the small bottling. i have to say i love it. Otherwise everything went perfectly. Many Thanks

Fars - Eau de Parfum
Torsten Huke
Unique fragrance, my favorite from Xerjoff

Unique and interesting fragrance.

Super offer

Find the possibility to test the perfume in such a small amount very practical. The perfume smells sweet, strong and after a while the scent becomes very pleasant. I'm still thinking about ordering the perfume in the original packaging because it smells so strong and sweet at first.
I'm glad that I can only test the perfume like this.
Delivery was also very fast.

fruit basket

One of Xerjoff's best fragrances
Durability good too.

Citrus bomb

Extremely citric scent not bad but not for everyone.
Durability top.

Good smell but leaked liquid!


Great scent! Always happy - Xerjoff stop!


This is the scent of scents!

Top customer

Great product and very fast delivery


Great intense scent

Very good process


A very multifaceted fragrance combination. Top


Clear Buy recommendation

Very good!

Very good scent not beast mode now but works and not one must have tested it a lot there are better from xerjoff I give this 8.5/10

best of best

This fragrance is simply the best you can buy 20/10 note H/S also beast mode worth every euro. And as always, fast and good delivery, everything is perfect 👌.

Kirke - Extrait de Parfum
Julia Bakhareva

I love it! Recommend!

Erba Pura - Eau de Parfum
Julia Bakhareva

I love it! Recommend!


Fragrance smells nice, delivery without problems Top!

An extraordinary fragrance that is well received! Unisex

Since it is an exclusive fragrance with a correspondingly high price,
I have decided for a bottling for the first time.
Exceptional fragrance that is very persistent but not overpowering.
Both my husband and I are passionate about wearing it.
Absolute purchase recommendation also in the summer time