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Gorgeous scent! Delivery great!


An incredible fragrance, I can only recommend it

Great scent

I wear the scent in the evening

Great, I like him

Nice unmistakable scent.
I like him very much.

Like it a lot

I like the scent very much

The quality of the fragrance is very good. The performance and projection is amazing. But maybe I'm stupid and just can't appreciate this blend cause to me it smells like gasoline. Maybe it's like when some people can't distinguish the guitar in a metal song. So if you are a beginner like me maybe not the safest choice. In any case I'm glad I bought a decant to try it first. Will give it couple of more tries and maybe start developing my nose. But yeh dark and complex gasoline vibes.

Atomizer unfortunately defective

The scent is pleasantly fresh, lasts about 6 hours but definitely too weak for the money. Unfortunately the atomizer was broken!

Very good scent!

The top note took me getting used to at first and I thought it was a bit overrated, but once the scent has unfolded it is very good. I like him a lot now. But I would also wish if there was a 50ml size

Black Hashish - Extrait de Parfum - Bottling
Purchased new from the Understatement Store

The product is stunning. I would order it again! Thanks.

Erba Pura - Eau de Parfum - Bottling
Purchased new from the Understatement Store

I didn't know the product and wanted to test it. I wasn't convinced this time. Good that I had the opportunity to test it beforehand. Delivered quickly and perfectly packaged as always. Thanks!

great set

Very good price for a very good product. Shipping as told. Thank you!

Alexandria II - Eau de Parfum - Bottling
Joshua Kleine-Bardenhorst

Smells special and high-quality - it didn't knock me out. I can't understand the hype.

Simply bomb!

Real masculine scent

Favorite fragrance

Was a gift, was very well received. Has become my new favorite scent.


Very pleasant, unique fresh fragrance

Top fragrance

Very very great scent

Nice scent

As usual, absolutely brilliant fragrance experience from the house of Xerjoff. Ordered for the second time, great smell

Best fragrance ever

This fragrance (Xerjoff Naxxos) is one of the best fragrances I know. It's just a pity that it's only available in 100ml. Otherwise everything great! Fast delivery. Thank you 👍🏻

Lemon - Perfume Cologne
Mr. Alexander Knaub
Top fragrance

Top scent, very light, not intrusive for citrus scent lovers is a must, unfortunately only lasts 2 max 3 hours

Xerjoff Naxos

Fantastic fragrance !!

Honey-sweet fragrance journey

A beautiful honey-tobacco scent that is perfectly balanced!
A touch of citric freshness is paired with this.

Erba Pura - Eau de Parfum
Lina Jovaisiene

Great scent! and fast delivery! Thanks!

You can understand the success behind this fragrance!
Complex, spicy-creamy and noble composition!
Oud | Musk | Amber = Very high quality
My favorite scent after Naxos.