Tradition obliges - BOIS 1920

Tradition obliges - BOIS 1920

The history of the BOIS 1920 brand began in Florence with Guido Galardi. Born in Florence, he had a passion for tinctures and fragrances, and eagerly collected lavender and other plants in the hills around Florence. He developed recipes to produce essential oils, fragrances and nourishing ingredients. In order to sell them, he opened the Bottega Italiana Spigo, which soon enjoyed considerable success.

With Guido Galardis, however, his dream came true, for the time being - because his son Renato had no interest in taking over the Bottega. As so often, the genes skipped a generation. The perfume passion flared up again with Guido Galardi's grandson Enzo, who brought the Galardic tradition of perfume production back to life and named his brand as a tribute to his grandfather BOIS 1920 (BOtega Italiana Spigo and the year it was founded).

Enzo Galardi and his family launched several fragrance projects and brands, including Antiqua Firenze, Baldi, Odori, Olfattology and Profumo di Firenze in 1954. However, he left the family business a few years ago to pursue new challenges.

We have included our favorite men's fragrances from the BOIS 1920 collection in the Understateman range: VETIVER AMBRATO, REAL PATCHOULY, CLASSIC 1920, ORO 1920, OLTREMARE AND PARANÀ.

We'll tell you how they smell in the following perfume reviews!



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