The charm of the south of France: a day in Grasse

The charm of the south of France: a day in Grasse

What is the first city that comes to mind when you think of the south of France? Most would now say “Nice”: Sun, beach and maritime flair - that's what normally draws thousands of tourists to the French Riviera. But did you know that the perfume metropolis of France is only an hour's drive from Nice? The tranquil town of Grasse has been a Mecca of fragrances for more than 200 years and is definitely worth a visit! We'll take you on a detour to the Nice area & introduce you to the hotspots of Grasse.

Far away from the touristy miles of Nice, when you arrive in Grasse you can feel the charm of southern France like no other place in the area. So it's no wonder that medieval streets the small town of the film adaptation of the world bestseller "Perfume" by Patrick Süskind served as a backdrop (by the way one of the most expensive German film productions ever). Also thematically a direct hit, because Grasse counts as Home to many well-known perfume houses. For example, Galimard opened his doors here in the 18th century and supplied the French royal family with soaps, fragrances and creams. If you want to know more about the history and tradition of the family business, you should pay a visit to the perfume manufacturer's museum. Highlight for those interested: as part of a Perfume workshops At Galimard you not only learn more about the art of perfume production, but at the end of the day you can also take your very own composition home with you - a very special souvenir. The city is also home to that international perfume museum As well as the Museum of Provencal Art. Culture and fragrance lovers will definitely get their money's worth.

Who after Instagram hotspots is looking for, you will quickly find it in Grasse. The Old town with their pink umbrellas or the many viewpoints (e.g. View) provide the perfect background for the (digital) photo album. But the rest of the city with its striking buildings and palm trees lining the streets also looks good in front of the lens. Only those are even more impressive Flower fields of the Domaine de Manon, a few minutes from downtown. Here lavender, orange blossom, mimosa, jasmine, roses and other plants for perfume production are grown - an absolute pleasure for the senses!

Grasse - a must for every perfume connoisseur! We guarantee that this day trip will leave a lasting impression on you too.

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