Gentleman's Style Classics

Gentleman's Style Classics

What do Daniel Craig, Richard Gere and George Clooney have in common? Spontaneous thought: perfectly fitting suits, beautiful women, confident appearance. They not only embody the modern gentleman - their style has become their calling card. But you don't have to be an actor to make a well-groomed appearance. The following classics should be familiar to every well-styled man:

A well-groomed appearance
Style awareness is not only expressed through the way you dress. A well-groomed appearance is just as important. It is not for nothing that the man spends up to 112 hours of his life at the hairdresser's. Even today, many people still have their hair cut according to the “long front, short back” principle. But you shouldn't skimp on care products for skin and hair at home either. A good razor / beard care product, a high-quality hairbrush (e.g. made from gentle boar bristles), hair gel or pomade belong in the gentleman's bathroom cabinet. Incidentally, an absolute no-go: unkempt hands! So get on with nail scissors and co. And preferably every 3-4 days.

A well-tailored suit
Tailor-made suit or off the shelf? Actually, it doesn't matter - as long as the part sits correctly. And there we have the problem: If you don't run around in a suit every day, you are often overwhelmed when buying a jacket and trousers. The result: exciting shirts, ties that are too short and baggy trouser legs. It is best to seek advice from a specialist. The safest option for a perfectly fitting suit is still made to measure. Sure, you usually have to dig a little deeper into your pocket here. But when you consider that the timeless classic hangs in a man's closet for an average of 10 years, the investment is definitely worth it. Alternative: Made to Measure suits. In other words, bar goods, so to speak, which can be adapted to individual dimensions by a tailor.

No matter what you choose, you should pay attention to these points:

  1. The cuffs of your shirt should always protrude about 1 cm from the jacket. So: suits with sleeves that are too long (at best, the jacket ends at the wrist) or shirts with too short sleeves should be avoided.

  2. The shoulder area must neither be too tight nor protrude. The seam should be flush with the upper arm.

  3. The lapel and collar should be snug. Avoid gaps and wrinkles. When buying shirts, you should also pay attention to the accuracy of fit.

  4. And last but not least: your suit trousers should never start at the hips. Ideally, it should be cut a bit higher so that the shirt cannot slip out. In addition, the following applies: With a classic suit, the trouser leg should only rest very loosely on the shoe and not throw unnecessary folds.

Individual accessories
A gentleman not only has an eye for the big picture, but also a feeling for detail. Accessories complete the look and ensure a certain individuality. Every man should have these basics in his closet:

  1. The right belt: Whether a fabric or leather belt (one goes well with chinos and corduroy pants, the other goes more with an elegant, classic suit), your belt should always match your shoes in terms of color.

  2. A discreet wallet: Many men today use a simple card case or a wallet without a coin pocket. A bulging back pocket just doesn't suit a gentleman.

  3. A noble wristwatch: In all honesty, I could write my own book on the subject of watches. Still one of the most elegant and important accessories for men, in my opinion.

  4. A classic weekender: briefcase was yesterday. Nowadays you have a weekender. Longchamp models, for example, are popular. For those who like it even more exclusive - the Keepall from Louis Vuitton is an absolute classic among travel bags.

  5. Timeless sunglasses: Not only good against UV rays, but also a must for the perfect appearance in every season. Anyone who opts for a timeless, high-quality model is guaranteed to enjoy it for a long time.

If you would like to learn more about the subject, I can recommend the book "The Gentleman - The standard work of classic men's fashion" by Bernhard Roetzel.

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