Interview with RTL Let's Dance professional Evgeny Vinokurov

Interview with RTL Let's Dance professional Evgeny Vinokurov

Evgeny Vinokurov is a real all-rounder. He has not only been on the stage as a professional dancer for years, but also holds a degree in business administration and works part-time as a consultant. His career began at the age of 14 when he moved alone from Russia to Germany to become a tournament dancer. His ambition and hard work paid off because he won numerous titles with his partner and is part of the RTL hit show "Let's Dance" for the second time this year. With the Dutch singer and entertainer Ilse DeLange he inspires the German television audience every Friday! We wanted to know: What does his skincare routine actually look like?


What does the perfect start to the day look like for you?
The perfect start to the day? I just say: coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee! I'm absolutely not an early riser - only a few cups of cappuccino in a row actually help. I watch the news or read online what's going on in the world. Then first go out with the dogs. Also very important: a hot shower, listening to music and a relaxed atmosphere. I try to avoid stress in the morning as much as possible.

How do you feel about skin care? Do you have a skincare routine?
As a professional dancer you have to pay attention to your appearance. Whether in a tournament or, as is currently the case with Let's Dance: I'm in the spotlight in my job - I can't afford to look unkempt. Correct skin care has become an integral part of my everyday life. I would describe my skin as rather sensitive. As a teenager, I struggled with impurities - at that time I tried many different washes, creams and lotions. Today, especially when I am stressed, I notice that my skin needs special attention. Face cream, for example, is very important to me. I'm not the body lotion type, except maybe in winter when my skin is rather dry anyway.

What do you pay attention to when choosing your skincare products?
With my skin, unfortunately, you don't always know where you stand - the classic case of combination skin: sometimes oily, sometimes extremely dry. So, depending on my condition, I look at what exactly is the best care for me at that moment. In winter I tend to use rich, moisturizing products. In summer I tend to use balancing creams. Over the years, the sustainability aspect has also become more and more important to me. Today I pay close attention to dermatologically tested products without preservatives. A subtle fragrance can be used. Last but not least, I'm not getting any younger, of course. Skin care with anti-aging properties is now part of it for me.


What tips do you have for a successful shave or care afterwards?For shaving I use either foam, gel or cream. I would say I'm pretty straightforward. Also important: change the blade regularly, otherwise there will be irritations. My father always used an aftershave after shaving. I can still remember that very well. I myself therefore like to use aftershave - it gives a really nice kick of freshness and invigorates the skin. It burns for a few seconds, but I think it's cool.

You travel a lot as a dancer. What are the skincare must haves in your washbag?
I am actually always prepared for all eventualities. Of course you need a toothbrush, toothpaste and shower gel. I have shampoo and conditioner for my hair to make it easier to comb. For styling, I usually use a matte hair wax and hairspray. Otherwise, you shouldn't miss: face cream, hand and lip care and most importantly: deodorant spray / cream and perfume. When you dance, you have close physical contact with your partner. So smelling good is an absolute must for me.


Speaking of perfume: do you have a preferred fragrance?
I love oud! Or scent notes whose aroma lasts for a long time. I now really only buy Eau de Parfum or Extrait de Parfum - everything else evaporates far too quickly for me. The choice of my fragrance generally depends on the occasion, but also on the season. In winter I prefer intense smelling perfumes, in summer I like fresh scents with citric notes. I am definitely a fan of niche perfumes. The quality is right here and, from my experience, the fragrances smell clearer, more intense, longer. I think of it spontaneously here Xerjoff or Tiziana terenzi one - extremely good!

Evgeny, thank you for your time and good luck with RTL Let's Dance!


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