How to - well maintained for the next date night

How to - well maintained for the next date night

You and yours Reserve want to spend an evening just for two again? Then you will surely think about your outfit before you make your way to your date. But you should invest at least as much time in your care routine - after all, you want to leave a lasting impression. In this article you will find out how you can score points with your counterpart with the right grooming products and a well-groomed appearance.


Do you want to remember your date with a fresh fragrance? Then you should put on a shower gel like that No ° 07 Mykonos Body Cleanser by Heinrich Barth. The smell of this revitalizing product is reminiscent of a summer on the island and is guaranteed to awaken a desire for adventure. 

Don't forget to exfoliate your skin beforehand, because women also like soft, well-groomed skin. We recommend that Honey & Grain Scrub soap by Saponificio Varesino - the oats it contains provide suppleness and a beneficial peeling effect that helps remove dead skin particles.

Last but not least: hair care. The Nourishing shampoo  by Grown Alchemist gives your mane shine and gently cleanses. The special composition of natural ingredients such as micro-wheat proteins and antioxidants from black pepper nourishes and stimulates the hair and scalp. To make it easier for you when styling, we recommend using a conditioner, e.g. the Nourishing conditioner by Grown Alchemist. It helps detangle the hair and gives it a natural shine. You then shape them with the Acca Kappa Gel Wax and the  Airy Dry Hair brush. 

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What physical aspects do women pay most attention to when choosing a partner? Right - eyes and hands. At the latest now you should have a light on if you are not already investing in appropriate eye care anyway. We recommend that Truly-transforming brightening eye cream from Instytutum. This exceptionally hydrating care removes wrinkles, cushions and instantly smoothes thanks to a specially developed formula. It has a decongestant effect and fights the five types of wrinkles around the eye area. You can find a detailed article on facial care here

If you've ever stayed in a luxury hotel, the care series might be for you White musk met by Acca Kappa. The Italian manufacturer also equips premium airlines. We recommend the Acca Kappa body lotion with its soft, creamy texture. The moisturizing emulsion contains, among other things, lemon extract, which is known for its invigorating and vitalizing properties, and provitamin B5 with soothing, soothing and skin care effect. If you like the subtle fragrance, you will also find other products in the series in our portfolio, such as the right one Deodorant.

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The trend towards a 3-day beard has definitely increased over the past few years. No matter what you ultimately choose, you should pay attention to the correct beard care / shaving utensils. 

If you are part of the team of smooth shaving, you can perfectly prepare your skin with shea butter (see e.g. Pure shea butter  by Saponificio Varesino): Applied overnight, it softens the hair and the skin less prone to irritation after shaving. For an even better effect, use a shaving cream like that 1445 - Shave Cream by Castle Forbes. Or have you ever tried shaving soap? Cubebe shaving soap special edition contains active ingredients that - in order to be able to develop their full performance - must be in a slightly warmed state. To do this, cover the soap surface with a warm water film for a few minutes. While the soap is being heated, each one Shaving brush soak, rinse and pour the water curtain over the soap box. Then continue to froth the brush in the can (approx. 20-30 seconds).

If you are more of a beard bearer, then the quality of the Acca Kappa accessories should convince you, such as ours Wenge wood beard brush  or Beard Fluids

You can find more products on the subject of shaving and beard care in our Category Shave

As you now know, in addition to the eyes, women also pay particular attention to the hands of men. Therefore, you should provide appropriate care. We recommend the Grown Alchemist as an all-round package Amenity Kit Day consisting of face cream, lip and hand care. 

In the end, you should treat yourself to a good perfume. In our Category Data night we have put together some fragrances specially selected for the evening for two. Each perfume is also available as 5 ml Bottling available.  

With these tips, you are guaranteed not to leave anything to chance.

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We hope to have given you some useful information about grooming and look forward to your feedback! Simply comment on the article or write us an email. We would also be happy to advise you individually if you have a special request (

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