Crash course facial care for men: the 4-step guide

Crash course facial care for men: the 4-step guide

Let's start with a simple question: What does your daily skin care routine look like? 

If your answer contains the terms "peeling" and "face cream", you are already among the almost 20% of men in Germany who place particular value on Skincare. In fact, the topic seems to be rather underrepresented in men. Targeted care can work wonders. With our 4-step routine, you are not only doing something good for your skin. It will help you improve your charisma and leave a lasting impression. 

Step 1 - cleansing: 
People who live in the big city know this: You can literally feel the smog on your skin after a long day in the city. But even after exercising or on vacation, thorough cleaning is the basis for a healthy and resilient complexion.
To free your pores of dirt, sebum and deposits, it is best to use an oily cream cleaner. Ever heard of “double cleansing”? The Koreans swear by it! After cleaning with an oil-based product, a foaming water-based cleanser is applied. Then just dry off and you are ready for the next step. 

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Step 2 - peeling:
To refine your complexion, you should regularly use a high-quality peeling. Means: install at least once a week in your care routine!

Exfoliating products with ultra-fine peeling particles as well as AHA / BHA complex or phyto-enzymes help you to remove dead skin cells, smooth fine lines and counteract hyperpigmentation. Your skin will thank you anyway.

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Step 3 - detox:
To achieve the best possible results, you can use a deep cleansing mask after peeling. Pay attention to natural, gently caring ingredients, such as clay, herbal extracts and mild essential oils. You should then use a toner to remove any cleaning residue. 

To top off your detox routine, use a moisturizing serum. If you should ask yourself at this point "What is such a serum for?" - the New York star dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross puts it this way: "You neglect your skin if you don't use serum". Due to their nature, serums penetrate quickly and particularly deeply into the skin. They form the ideal basis for the final moisturizing care. 

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Step 4 - hydration:
Do you want elastic, wrinkle-free, supple skin? Then you must not do without this step. Apply a rich moisturizer in the morning and evening to improve the stability of your skin barrier. Because dry skin is not only the perfect entry point for bacteria, but also more sensitive to other harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, which can lead to uneven pigmentation and age spots. 

Extra tip: The afterwork party is over, but you don't want to show anything in the office the next day? Then it's best to use a cooling, moisturizing eye cream. The skin around your eyes is thinner than that in other areas of your face and therefore needs special attention when choosing the ingredients of your care. Incidentally, caffeine provides the freshness kick: it has a detoxifying effect and reduces water retention and swelling.

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Congratulations! You have successfully completed the face care crash course for men. We want to continue to support you in getting more out of your skin care! So if you liked the article, like to comment, which in-depth information we will give you in the next blog post on Skincare should make available.  


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  • Mauritius

    The article gets to the point - I think that high-quality eye creams are far too often underestimated. I'm looking forward to your Brightening Eye Cream from Instytutum!

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