L'Enfant Terrible of the perfume scene - Christophe Laudamiel

L'Enfant Terrible of the perfume scene - Christophe Laudamiel

Just as a sommelier is familiar with the smell and taste components of up to 2500 grape varieties, a Maȋtre de Parfum can distinguish up to 3000 different aromas and essences. But how do you get to the job and who is behind the big brands? Understateman introduces one of the most important representatives of the industry: Christophe Laudamiel. 

The Frenchman is considered one of the most renowned perfumers in the world: In the course of his career he worked with countless other big names, for example with Carlos Benaim (Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, Ralph Lauren Polo), Pierre bourdon (Davidoff Cool Water for Men, Joop! Homme, Yves Saint Laurent Kouros) and Sophia Grojsman (Christian Lacroix Signature, Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars, Lancôme Trésor, Yves Saint Laurent Paris and Yvresse). It is also suitable for fragrances such as Clinique Happy Heart, Thierry Mugler Le Parfum or Tom Ford Private Blend Amber Absolute famous.

His perfumery career began with a classical scientific education: after completing his master's degree in chemistry, he began his PhD in Cambridge, then moved to Harvard to teach there. A short time later he went to Procter & Gamble, where he quickly rose to Senior Perfumer, before moving to IFF in 2000. He subsequently founded the DreamAir Studios in New York and became Chief Perfumer in 2019 BelAir Lab appointed in Tokyo. Laudamiel is also the founder and president of the NPO Academy of Perfumery and Aromatics.

Together with Christoph Hornetz, he created many creations, including some unusual ones - the two became known as Les Christophers. You worked for Humiecki & Graef, they also created the Coffret Le Parfum for Thierry Mugler and fragrances for the World Economic Forum 2008 in Davos. It is also worth mentioning Scent Opera, curated by Laudamiel for the first time in 2009 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Bilbao.

Laudamiel has already received numerous awards for his works, including from the American Society of Perfumers, the Fragrance Foundation and the Institute for Art and Olfaction.

He is one of the few perfumers who have one Youtube channel have. Anyone interested in Insights into the fragrance industry and tips on the correct selection and application of perfumes interested, you should definitely have a look here

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