Italian purism with German roots - Acca Kappa

Italian purism with German roots - Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa, a traditional Italian company with German roots - the merchant Hermann Krüll founded the company, which is still family-owned, in Treviso in 1869. The town is close to Venice, a company headquarters that was not chosen by chance: Venice's port was then a central location for trade with China, from where fine materials were imported that laid the foundation for the company's beginnings.

Acca Kappa, whose name comes from the Italian spelling of the initials of Krüll, made brushes and combs as well as shaving accessories, with which they quickly made a name for themselves. The quality of their products as well as their traditional and at the same time minimalist-functional design still inspires customers from all over the world. In addition to the classics mentioned, the Acca Kappa portfolio now also includes hair care products, sponges, manicure and pedicure sets as well as fragrances and the corresponding body care products and scented candles. 

Acca Kappa has always set high standards for itself: excellent quality and functionality, puristic design and exquisite raw materials form the basis of the production. The company philosophy is based on respect and responsibility with regard to people and nature - accordingly, the focus is on in the manufacture of the products on ecology and environmental awareness, natural and pollutant-free ingredients. Furthermore, Acca Kappa has always avoided animal testing.

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