Ambergris - Probably the most valuable stomach contents in the world

Ambergris - Probably the most valuable stomach contents in the world

Ambergris - a legendary ingredient in the world of perfumes. Its origin is not as noble as its scent: it is a grayish substance, reminiscent of wax, from the digestive tract of the sperm whale. Please what? You read that right, ambergris is basically whale broken. Nevertheless: If you find one of the inconspicuous lumps on the beach, put the champagne cold. He could finance the next home - the price of ambergris is on average around 15 to 17 euros per gram. For comparison: 999 gold is currently around 53 euros! 

As you can imagine, ambergris is extremely rare and far too expensive to be processed in large quantities today. If at all, it is more likely to be used in the area of ​​bespoke perfumes, i.e. the tailor-made fragrances on special customer requests. The oriental, resinous and balsamic-sweet odor typically associated with ambraduft is now imitated with the help of vanilla, labdanum and benzoin aromas. The tonka bean is also popular, as is sandalwood. There are also various synthetic compounds such as the popular Ambroxan, which has been known to the perfume lover scene since Geza Schön's Molecule 02 (Escentric Molecules) at the latest, or newer compounds such as Amber Xtreme® (S&C; one of the most striking amber flavors on the market), 'Ambrocenide ® (Symrise), Ambermax® (Givaudan) or Trisamber® (IFF). 

By the way, amber should not be confused with amber, or also called amber. Perhaps you have already read the word amber on body care products or soaps, in most cases nothing more than a translation error. By doing Blog of the Berlin indie perfumer Erik Kormann there are some very readable articles on the subject of ambergris vs. Amber making.

Curious? With us you will find amber aromas, for example, in the following fragrances:

If you are unsure whether ambergris is for you, simply test the selected fragrance first as a 5 mL filling in our category Fillings


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